Free Super Herb!

Nettles Stinging

The best things in life are free…
Stinging Nettle is found everywhere in Europe – even when we don’t want to encounter it, it’s there… plus its free and it’s a superherb! My farmer friend told me that during the war, when people where starving and picking their meals out of rubbish bins, his parents survived on raw nettle salads with a little bit of salt! It’s no surprise since it is full of iron, essential minerals such as silica, and vitamins A, B, C plus the very important Chlorophyll! Stinging Nettle is said to help with various ailments like anaemia, excessive menstruation, haemorrhoids, arthritis, and rheumatism amongst many others!
But I have a secret to share that my friend shared with me: when you boil it and clean your skin with the nettle juice it clears up pimples. Isn’t that amazin’?
Try it -I did ! And tell us how it went.


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