Summertime Raw Class and the Livin’ is Easy


Hello People! Celebrate the summer and all the beautiful food this season has to offer!  Our cooking class will be filled to the  brim with exclusive summer recipes for these hot hot days… Food for health, beauty, and detoxification – plus your taste buds will love you!

Lavender ice cream, energy soup, cleansing juices,  sprout salad with creamy basil dressing, raw chocolate, hemp cheese, raw snacks and more…

Topics that will be discussed are:

  • Where to get your protein on a raw food / vegan diet
  • The benefits of raw and vegan food on the body
  • Superfoods and herbs that heal
  • Food combining for better digestion
  • Healthy food kids will love
  • Connect to your local organic farmers
  • How to use greens and alkalize your diet
  • Easy health tips for everyday better livin’

Date: Thursday  1st of July  Where: Kato Kifisia Georgiou Lyra 48G

Time: 6p.m.  Call for reservations: 210-6428-424 or 6947686846


2 responses to “Summertime Raw Class and the Livin’ is Easy

  1. Hi – I just saw this advertisement on the Newcomers-by-the-sea daily mail.
    I would love to have joined in this event – if only I had prior notice.
    I am a full time Yoga teacher and am committed to lessons this evening.
    If this event is re-run – PLEASE advise with a day’s warning and keep me posted as I would love to attend.
    Many thanks,

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