Sharing is Caring: T//F//L Reviews

As of today we are starting a new section on the blog – reviews of various eco-conscious places and products, as well as information about people who’s work we enjoy. This week’s reviews were written by our foreign correspondent  Claire Cooder – enjoy!


Naturally grown and processed, outlastingly durable texture, and shaped like a Martini glass to boot? Yes, please! Loofahs are made from a zucchini-like edible gourd and Green Be Products make the cutest loofah scrubbies we’ve found so far. Use them on your body and/or to scrub your veggies clean!


Japanese aesthetics & tradition, proper party etiquette and an honest ecological approach come together seamlessly in the form of Wasara’s eco-friendly disposable tableware. These lovely minimalist pieces are made from bamboo, reed pulp and sugarcane waste – in other words, non-wood and non-depletable resources – and are available in every type of container that your aunty could wish for. We bet that coffee tastes 200% better in one of these little beauties. (Great interview with the designers over at the always-interesting SHIFT site)


Recycled Gift Wrap – the gift that keeps on giving, guilt-free style.  From seed-embedded paper that you can actually plant, to Heritage Hemp paper sketchbooks, to gift wrap featuring our favorite mutts Earl & Mooch, the Green Field Paper company site is well worth a visit.


2 responses to “Sharing is Caring: T//F//L Reviews

  1. Τα προϊόντα wasara μπορώ να τα βρω κάπου στην Ελλάδα?

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