Ancestral Wisdom @ The Breeder Feeder

Ancestral Wisdom
Welcome to Troô//Food//Liberation’s third and final chapter at the Breeder Feeder: Ancestral Wisdom.
Food has, in one way or another, played both a fundamental and profound role in shaping every society and culture around the world. Be it ancient rituals that still hold communities together or the distribution of food being used by governments and mega corporations to control populations and wield power over those most in need.
We feel that only do we owe it to our lineage for carving out traditional healthy eating habits, nor to the Earth for providing an abundance of resource for our survival, even in the face of our ongoing destruction, but we owe it to ourselves and those who will come next to re-connect to what we eat and how we go about getting our nourishment. To take a moment to realise that food should not be shrink wrapped in plastic or have its genetics played with, the everyday use of food as sustenance for mind and body is an investment and the more you invest, the bigger your return will be!
We live in a culture of immediacy and convenience; we focus on the superficial and not the beneficial. Which is why Troô//Food//Liberation are lovingly preparing foods that have existed since ancient times and have created an exciting menu of thoroughly nutritious and absolutely delicious dishes that once formed staples in cultures from around the world.

Troô//Food//Liberation @ The Breeder Feeder
Chapter 3 – Ancestral Wisdoms

Refreshing Lavender Lemonade

Avocado Frolicking In Creamy Miso Dressing
Quinoa And Chestnut In A Cabbage Leaf Hug
Grandma’s Creamy Pumpkin And Ginger Soup

Rainbow Roots Au Gratin
Pissaladière Onion Tart with Macademia Cheese

Lotus and Coconut Tart Accompanied By Cacahuati Chilli Shot.

Perdika 6, 10436, Athens. Open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9pm

For reservations:
T/F: +30 210 33 17 527

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