In case you wondered…

Good advice from Anne Edmond


5 responses to “In case you wondered…

  1. What is kale called in Greek?

  2. Foreign Correspondant C.C.

    Apparently kale is called κατσαρό λάχανο or λαχανίδα in Greek . I know there is an Italian type of kale called cavolo nero (black cabbage) that you might be able to find in fancy Italian Deli-type shops. Kale is basically a kind of curly-leafed cabbage that grows in winter, and apparently varieties of it existed in Greece in the fourth century BC, so I think if you investigate enough you should be able to find some. Yes, it’s that time of the year to hang out with your local farmer and talk about… different kinds of cabbages.

  3. i actually found kale in vasilopoulos super market.

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