Soiled and Seeded

“The day that Soiled and Seeded designs and grows its own garden we will generally be restricted to USDA hardiness zone 5, but for now, no such limitations exist on our stories, ideas, histories and broad gardening practices. Our exposure is decidedly global. Beyond our own neighborhoods we are committed to providing stories from around the world – highlighting communities, inspired initiatives, profiling gardeners and celebrating gardening heritage.”

We would like to introduce you to what is probably our new favourite fanzine: Soiled and Seeded. Sitting at a crossroads between good old-fashioned tillage, experimental botany, insightful journalism and art & design, this is the kind of reading material we wish we had thought of first. Amongst its pages and on its web you may find anything from articles on Gumball machines repurposed as seedbomb dispensers (you never know when you might be in the mood for a spot of impromptu guerrilla gardening), non-ironic gardener profiles, or a photo reportage of the horticultural offerings found in corner stores in downtown Toronto (candy and cactus, orchids and aspirins, apparently). And of course, whether it is in its printed format or online, the magazine is in addition a real treat to look at…


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