Troō Smoothies, Mantras and Dancing!


Monday 10th October, 8pm @ Six D.O.G.S, 6-8 Avramiotou Street, Monastiraki

20.00: Kirtan with Rama
21.30: Dancing with Roth Fitz
– Super-smoothies and raw snacks by Troō Food Liberation
– Other special guests & surprises

10€ suggested donation

Rama leads mantra meditation, or kirtan, that can carry us effortlessly to a place of peace. One of the oldest sacred music traditions of the world, the kirtan call-and-response chanting style comes to us from India. Using ancient Sanskrit mantras, the kirtan calls upon sacred energies which serve to quiet the mind, remove obstacles, bring us back to the center of our being, and our original connection with the supreme.

DJ Roth Fitz (Casey) spins a diverse range of musical styles, woven together to create a sublime and smiling magic carpet for our feet and hearts to sail through a sea of spirit, unburdened by the mental games that plague most dance party situations.


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