Kitchen Caravan

Roasted Squash and Pomegranate Salad from Kitchen Caravan

Filmaker Emma Piper-Burket and expert in culinary arts & nutrition Sophia Brittan joined forces in 2007 to bring us Kitchen Caravan, a shared effort to spread their love for Arabic studies and Middle-Eastern culture through our very favourite of subjects – food! Healthy seasonal recipes are aplenty on their blog and cooking show, along with tips on how to cook a 1700 BC Babylonian feast and comprehensive studies on how people eat in different parts of the world (see their Travel section). Check out their Conscious Eating resources and links to all sorts of interesting people dealing with nutrition, education, artisan food production, cooking techniques and food culture in general at their delicious website.


4 responses to “Kitchen Caravan

  1. You ain’t lived until you’ve eaten roasted watermelon…

  2. opensourcepants

    …not to mention pickled watermelon.

  3. Q-ties Something More Than Toys

    εια σας! Παίρνουμε συμμετοχή σε ένα διαγωνισμό με την μικρή ταινία μας εντελώς χειροπηοίτη, μπορείτε να ψηφίσετε? Παρακολουθείτε το λινκ και κάντε like κάτω από το βίντεο. 30 δευτερόλεπτα γέλιο;) ευχαριστούμε!!

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