Austin’s Vegan Powers…


We spent fourth of July in Austin – one of the locals was quoted as saying  “the only thing wrong with Austin is it is surrounded by Texas”. I’m guessing that this refers to Austin’s liberal spirit as opposed to the rest of Texas – which is mainly conservative. I can’t speak for the rest of Texas, which seems to be heavily into factory farming,  but Austin is awesome!  It definitely feels like a free-spirited city: colorful, hot and full of cacti. Where a city is free spirited, it usually means that there are loads of vegan-friendly places… Yeah, I am implying that vegans tend to be free-spirited, not to say that my carnivorous friends aren’t or that all vegans are free-spirited. The key word here is free to make conscious choices…

This the first place we ate at in Austin… Boulden Creek Coffee House. Check them out!

We all had Kool Summer Sammich with grilled ciabatta bread layered with chipotle-pecan pesto spread, local tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, sunflower sprouts, field greens, shredded carrots, and some additional home-made tofu bacon. It was absolutely divine!

Daily Juice is a temple of smoothies and juices. We pilgrimaged like loyal minions to pay our respects at the altar of their vitamixes and juicers… Yes, we like da juice, nay we love da juice…

The pleasure was ours…

Two of my favorite comedians presenting my fave way to eat chocolate: RAW (just like their humor)!

My favorite was the chocolate-durian smoothie – I bow to it’s greatness…

Umm, does this count as vegan?


Elly’s favourite was the coconut-pineapple-spirulina – she claims it was the best smoothie she has ever had in her whole entire life… that is quite a biggie…


One response to “Austin’s Vegan Powers…

  1. This place looks right up your street D. Sagapo mou lipis. xxx

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