TEDX Athens: T//F//L Cooks for The Art of Disruption!

TEDx Athens returns on December 3rdto present the secrets and the art of disruption. The event starts at 9 a.m. and is located at ‘Iδρυμα Μείζονος ‘Ελληνισμου, Πειραιώς 254, Ταύρος 177 78. And who better to cater the event but T//F//L!

TROO FOOD LIBERATION: Fighting food crime since 2009

A love for food, a respect for the environment and an understanding that everyone can make a difference unites all the members of the collective. Troo Food rebels came from different directions, bringing with them different experiences, knowledge and interests. Their common goal is to raise awareness about food issues, about how to become more conscious consumers, to remind people that food is their medicine. We all need to realize, and keep reminding each other, that we can make a difference. If we each live our lives in a good way change is possible and so is a better future for our children.

When we really understand that food is our medicine, the way our elders did, we can easily make better decisions about our consumption and nutrition. Our decisions need to respect all life, human, animal, and plant. Each choice we make is a vote. We either support a farmer that loves the earth or an industry that only cares about money. Danae, Elly, and Daphne will be preparing delicious, raw, vegan, savory and sweet treats for TEDxAthens. They will show you how healthy food can taste great, and make you feel amazing, each bite contains nature’s life force within it.

Miss Jaggle Tree (aka Danae) loves teaching, is a passionate activist defending all beings, human, animal, plant. No injustice can pass her by. Tinkle Bell’s (aka Elly) loves music. Every one of her songs is a prayer or a praise to nature, for nature, the elements, the beauty of life. She can change people’s consciousness with her songs. Both Danae and Elly are certified raw chefs. Honey Bee (aka Daphne) loves making things, anything. She sews, she knits, she crochets. Using mainly recycled materials parallel worlds come to be. Her love for food and health comes from seeing first hand the healing power of food and herbs, all the things nature has to teach and offer us. She shares a special relationship with bees. There are other Troo Food Rebels working hard around the world to support the cause. All the Super Foodies love traveling, learning new things, learning from the elders, from different cultures and are happy to share that knowledge that keeps growing and evolving.

Troo Food Liberation Menu
Beetroot Raviolli with Spinach-Pistachio Pesto and a Nut Cream drizzle
Oyster Mushroom Ceviche and Bitter Orange-Lime sauce
Radicchio stuffed with Sunflower Paté
Truffle Cashew Cream on Linseed Tartlet

Pumpkin seed & Sesame seed Pastelli dipped in Raw Chocolate
Sweet Linseed & Apple Crisp with Orange Marmalade
Tahini & Coconut Truffles
Chocolate & Vanilla Napoleon with Macademia Crisp & Pear

Today the need to discover new paths for a creative change in our lives is stronger than ever. From finance and business, to society overall and our little daily habits, there is the belief that creative and at the same time subversive ideas and initiatives have the potential to give new impetus and transform our world. We can’t achieve substantial changes by continuing to function the same way as before.

It is now the time to rewrite the “rules of the game” and change. Everything. For more info on TED X Athens push here!


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