Green Directory for Troō Living

This much is clear – real food, water, and oxygen free of pollutants, herbicides & chemicals are basic human rights. Furthermore, we have the right to party, be creative and have fun without endangering ecosystems, funding war or supporting 21st century slavery. Being a caring consumer, rejecting the multinational corporations and respecting the planet is easier than you think – every effort counts. We have compiled a directory with places, people, companies, events & products that we think are fantastiche!

* WS stands for wholesale, for those of you who own a company.


Bath & Beauty
Bath (ws) (ws)
Organic Skincare (ws) (ws) (ws)

Craft & Paper (ws) (ws) (ws)
Consumer Information

An article on DIY kitchen beauty products!

Environmental & Sustainability Groups

Accessories (ws) (ws) (ws)
Clothes (ws)
A bit of everything… (ws)

Food & Nutrition           (ws)


Bathroom (ws)
Cleaning (ws) (ws) (ws)
Decorate (ws)
Furniture & Furnishing (ws) (ws) (ws) (ws) (ws)

www.reduceeveryday.com               (ws)
Babies (ws)
Toddlers (ws)

Low-impact Living (ws) (ws) (ws) (ws) (ws) (ws)
Office supplies (ws) (ws) (ws)
Online Eco retailers (ws) (ws)

Pets too… (ws)

Recycled! (ws)

Solar & Renewable Energy (ws) (ws)


One response to “Green Directory for Troō Living

  1. Thank you for including Cangles accessories in your Green Directory! For those who are not familiar with our product, we recycle (and upcycle) aluminum beverage cans into unique eco jewelry. It’s a small step to keeping cans out of landfills and oceans, but it’s a step! A percentage of all sales is donated to Save the Earth Foundation.

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