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Anti-Radiation Smoothie :)


After the World’s last worst nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, Ukraine, doctors were known to treat patients with algae. Numerous scientists and doctors throughout the world studied the effect of algae in treating those who suffered from radiation effect.

Here is our super easy recipe for a yummy blue-green algae smoothie…

For 2 smoothies:

7 juicy oranges

1 large or two small bananas – we recommend Cretan Bananas. These need to have been previously peeled, chopped and put in the freezer until frozen.

2 tsp. of E3 Total Renew Me blue-green algae. This blend is perfect for cleansing us of heavy metals – you can order it on our online store.

Put all ingredients in the blender and… blend away. You might want to thaw the bananas for a couple of minutes so they don’t damage your blender! But you do want them frozen because it makes it extra tasty.

“Foods containing Chlorophyll have long been known to protect against radiation. Generally speaking any green foods have chlorophyll. From 1959 to 1961 the chief of the US army nutrition branch in Chicago found that high chlorophyll foods reduced the effects of radiation on guinea pigs by 50%. This includes all chlorophyll foods and the blue-green algae from Klamath Lake called Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (AFA). This variety of blue-green algae is an excellent anti-radiation food because of its high cellular immutability and high regenerative energy, as well as its high chlorophyll content. It should be taken in a dose of four capsules (one gram) four times per day for one week before, and several weeks after radiation exposure.”
Dr. Gabriel Cousens